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Story last updated at 6:39 PM on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bikes Rock ready for summer

Bikes Rock Homer is alive and well and ready to start distributing recycled bikes again this summer. We started with an idea at a Nature Rocks Homer meeting and ended distributing 39 bikes last summer with another 20 repaired and ready to go for this summer. We are actively collecting bikes at The Homer Bookstore. If you have a bike that you dont use any more or one that you or your child may have outgrown, drop it off there and we will see that it is repaired and passed on to someone in need of a bike for fun or transportation.

We also are looking for financial donations to help with the cost of bike parts, helmets and bike locks. Volunteer opportunities are available helping repair the bikes, transport the bikes to distribution sites and make necessary contacts with those needing bikes. If you know someone that could use a bike for fun or transportation, we are asking this year for a donation to Bikes Rock to off-set repair costs. If finances prevent a monetary donation, we are asking folks to participate in our pay it forward program and make their contribution that way.

We would like to thank last years supporters that made the success of this program possible: The Homer Bookstore, Homer Volunteer Fire Department, Homer Saw and Cycle, Ulmers, Cycle Logical, the Homer Cycling Club, East End Storage, Homer Physical Therapy, Nature Rocks, Kachemak Wholesale, Save-U-More, Safeway and all of the individuals that contributed to this venture. Special thanks go to Lee Post, bike repairman extraordinaire.

If you have questions or want to help, check us out on facebook at Nature Rocks Homer, call 235-7921, or stop by The Homer Bookstore.

Sallie Rediske and Sue Post