Story last updated at 2:03 p.m. Thursday, April 18, 2002

Terror war a sham
Dear Editor,

President Bush's "war on terrorism" is a sham. We cannot end terrorism by becoming the biggest terrorists in the world. That will only escalate the cycle of retaliation. Let's look at our country's current actions: ignoring the anti-nuclear proliferation treaties, developing "mini-nuclear weapons" which blur the line between conventional and nuclear war, bombing Iraq and Afghan civilians and threatening first-strike nuclear attack against countries that do not yet have nuclear weapons. We encourage Israel to break international law and continue occupying Palestine. We give Israel billions of dollars of military aid, which is used to bomb civilians. These actions on the part of the United States fan the fires of anti-American terror and terrorism around the world.

A true "war on terrorism" would seek to repair the injustices that are at the root of the suicide bombings. Let us listen to the voices of people like Father Michael Oleksa, who in a March Anchorage Daily News column compares the plight of Palestinians to that of the Alaska Natives. He suggests that a settlement along the lines of the Alaska Land Claims Settlement Act would be more appropriate than Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinian children as they run from the tear-gas canisters (stamped "made in the U.S.A.") tossed into their school buses or mosques. It is not patriotic to mindlessly support a destructive and dangerous foreign policy that puts the whole world, including North Americans, at more and more risk of unrelenting tragedy.

Please consider watching the video "Greetings from Missile Street," about U.S./U.N. sanctions and the continued bombing of Iraq. It will be shown 7 p.m. Friday, April 12 at Raspberry Lane, across from Alice's on Pioneer Avenue, as part of a community forum co-sponsored by the Homer Quaker Worship Group and Vessels of Hope. Information will be available about the national Campaign of Conscience against the Iraq humanitarian aid sanctions.

PeggyEllen Kleinleder