Story last updated at 2:01 p.m. Thursday, April 18, 2002

In a pig's eye
Dear Editor,.

In contemplating the propriety of the proferred Promethean pork project on the Kenai, I've been pondering the deeper meaning to the phrase "in a pig's eye." The recent conjecturing of the esteemed swine theorist with an unquantified staff position at an Oregon institute of academia is simply a digression from the original question that has plagued philosophers through the ages. Those who control grants for new studies are now reasonably certain that pigs can't fly, so the current supposition, that pigs don't stink, is bandied about in the halls, and as evidenced, is now being promoted for more grant monies.

One can assume futurists envision the type of closed system pig farms, described by J. Ronald Miner, as being an integral part of colonization efforts on distant planets. Any expectancy that industrial scale pig farming in Alaska would resemble his idealistic muse is pitiable hyperbole.

If I may quote Mr. Dick Metteer, he posits that "Whatever reasons brought us here, we are not able to stay if we aren't able to support our families. In order to do so, we must continue to develop Alaska . (and finally) In developing Alaska's industries, it will be important for us to maintain a good command of common sense, in order to get through the nonsense we will encounter along the way." Hmmm Sounds like a sensible guy.

My thanks to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly for allowing this farce to see the light of day and to the media for its reports. Who said Alaska is deprived of the finer arts?

Paul Zimmerman, Kasilof