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Story last updated at 7:22 PM on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neighbors help their neighbors

The Homer Community Food Pantry is grateful to the many donations coming through our doors for others.

We were recently blesssed with 10 boxes of fruit from Kachemak Warehouse. Our clients were as excited as we were with the fresh apples. They have lasted five Mondays.

A new regular contributor is the Homer Theatre with their great popcorn. Also, Petro Express has provided us with 4 gross of popcorn bags to go with the popcorn. Isn't teamwork awesome? Bay Club has given 365 pounds of canned and dry goods so far. Curves contributed 114 pounds from their food drive. Neighbors helping neighbors always make a difference. James Garroutte has been quite the shopper for us and Mr. Potato Head is so faithful with those potatoes. Not all who donate are included here, but you know who you are. Thanks to all of you.

In looking over our statistics, we found that the number of persons served food boxes was more than 1,000 per month in 2010. We found that the total number of disabled persons served in 2010 was 51 per week which was 26 percent more than in 2009. Also, the number of veterans was about 89 each month, a substantial increase over 2009. An average of 181 seniors were served with boxes each month and it took 240 volunteer hours each week to provide services.

We are still recording contribution numbers for the Feinstein Grant due the end of April. Don't forget to plant a row of vegetables for the pantry this spring.

Many do not know that we are in our 20th year of serving the community. Thanks to all of your loving efforts to help your neighbors. With your help we are better able to help others. Thanks for extending a hand and making a difference.

Diana Jeska

and the Homer Community Food Pantry Board