Story last updated at 3:19 p.m. Friday, April 12, 2002

Give Public Works, Carey and the gang a hand at helping to keep our bay clean.
The Public Works Department is working to find out where the water is coming from. Some of it may be coming from homeowners who have improperly routed their drain tiles or footing drains into the sanitary sewer system. How many crawl-space sump pumps come on and pump the water into the nearby floor drains? That floor drain may lead right into the sewer system, contributing to the problem. The accumulated affect results in too much water at the sewage treatment facility and dumping of inadequately treated sewage into our beloved Kachemak Bay. Think of your kids swimming at Bishop's Beach near the outflow pipe the day after a big rain. Do your part by starting at home and checking out your own system. Give Public Works, Carey and the gang a hand at helping to keep our bay clean.

Department workers also deserve kudos for getting the street sweeper out of the garage and onto the streets sooner. It was wonderful to see it working on Pioneer Avenue one sunny day in March. It helps to inspire the notion that spring is around the corner when the sweeper with its goofy smile and hanging out tongue are out sweeping its way through town. It would be nice to get the sweeper out earlier more often so the locals could enjoy a few dust and dirt free days before the visitors fill up the streets with motor homes and the hustle and bustle of summer. It's only just around the corner.