Story last updated at 3:12 p.m. Friday, April 12, 2002

Snomads helped school
Dear Editor,

The Homer Snowmads have been, over the past few years, promoting a Fun Run starting at Nikolaevsk and McNeil Canyon schools. The Snowmads have been a pleasure to work with and we appreciate their generosity. Each year they have made generous donations to Nikolaevsk School for the use of our complex.

This year's donation of $1,000 is being divided up between our Close Up group and yearbook class. These donations, among others, help our students accomplish great things. Nikolaevsk School sincerely appreciates the Homer Snowmads group for the services they provide snowmachine enthusiasts and their generous donations each school year. Thank you Snowmads!

Tim Jacobson, sponsor, for the Nikolaevsk School Yearbook and Close Up students


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