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Story last updated at 4:31 PM on Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tighty Whities win spring hockey tournament title



The Tighty Whities are the Spring Co-ed Hockey League Champions. From left, are Nathanial Brown, Vicki Lowe, Mike Lowe, Lydia Brown (G), Mike Mumm, Karen Weston, Charlie Johnson, Kristen Brown, Chris Owen and Sarah Owen. Photo provided

The Spring Co-ed Hockey League Tournament was held on Saturday Night. Four teams competed for the Golden Puck Bucket: The Tighty Whities, Green Eggs and Slam, Tight and Juicy and the Black Holes.

In round robin play, T&J defeated Green Eggs 5-2 and Tighty Whities defeated the Black Holes 3-2. High scorers in regulation play were Matt and Andrea Stineff, Steve and Jen Nevak, and Dean Kildaw.

Green Eggs faced off the Black Holes in the fight for third place in a nail-biter of a game. During the first period the game was tied 1-1 with Chris Brown scoring for the Black Holes and Kris Holderied tying it up for the Green Eggs. The game stayed tied until the last few minutes when Karyn Noyes scored the winning goal for the Green Eggs and won them the third place award.

In the winner's bracket the fight for the Golden Puck Bucket was fierce. The first period was a goalie challenge, with Goalie Michelle Hatton Blocking over 12 shots for T&J. Goalie Lydia Brown blocked 13 shots before letting one top-shelf shot by Matt Stineff by, ending the period 1-0 for the Tighty Whities.

T&J came out fighting second period and scored two goals thanks to the fancy puck handling of Steve Nevak and Travis Brown. Leading the game 2-1 T&J got a bit too comfortable and couldn't stop Chris Owens on a breakaway which tied the game 2-2.

Just as everyone thought the game would have to end in a shootout, Mike Mumm got a run on the net and scored the winning goal for Tighty Whities, making them the proud owners of the Golden Puck Bucket and bragging rights until the rink opens again next September.