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Story last updated at 4:49 PM on Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hospice welcomes new volunteers

Hospice of Homer just completed training for End of Life and Volunteer Visitor/Phone Friend volunteers. Hospice would like to welcome the six newly trained volunteers who will soon be in the community providing compassion in action to those individuals and families who Hospice of Homer has the privilege to serve. Thank you for bringing your heart and skills to be of service through hospice.

Kudos to the wonderful people and organizations who made Hospice of Homer training possible: Homer Senior Center for providing physical space; guest speakers Vivian Finlay, Linda Feiler, Claudia Caffee-DeLapp, Susie Alward, Charlie Gibson, Bob Redmond, Pam Breckenridge, Paul Gregoire, Sharon McKemie-Bauer, Kathy Carssow, Paul Eneboe, Ruth Babcock, Bernadette Arsenault, Susan Bunting, Chris Boudin, Bonnie Bentley, John Neville, Sheryl Ohlsen, Pam Hooker, Mary Fries, Maureen Powers and BJ Elder; and actors Margaret Quarton, Michael Sharp and Greg Fries plus Fat Olives for the tasty pizza.

Hospice provides free of charge services to residents of the southern Kenai Peninsula. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, making a financial donation or learning more about the services Hospice offers, contact staff at 235-6899.

Darlene Hilderbrand, executive director

Hospice of Homer