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Story last updated at 4:42 PM on Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Service area board appointments take away citizens right to vote

Kenai Peninsula Borough Service Area Ordinance 2012-07 really translates into taxation without our vote.

Voting is a right, not appointments. The integrity of elections is essential to democracy, anything less is blasphemy.

With a vote we hold our leaders accountable.

It is the fundamental right of citizens to have the right to vote, and be counted, regardless of the work. Regardless of our politics, our votes should be counted, not appointed or we will be right back into a one-sided Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Watch which way our assembly members vote on the coming Ordinance 2012-07 on service areas.

Our young people are fighting and dying for the right to vote and our elected officials believe they know better. It comes up at the Seward meeting on April 17 with a third hearing on May 1. Check how our assembly will be voting.

Doris Cabana


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