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Story last updated at 7:46 PM on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's link human life to divine

I called their houses to ask if they would join a war protest. Their wives laughed. They laughed. It was a peace movement, a group of demonstrators who, on behalf of humanity, would gather to defend the victims of genocide. It was dead, dead as a hammer.

There are not advocates of absolute vales or aspirants of things divine, little family reverence emanates from their huddles. The Neo-progressives are at war now and you're stupid if you don't support them, stupid if you don't support that "humanitarian" genocide.

I didn't know that the bottom line was that there are too many of us, humans that is, the scourge of the planet. A carbon tax, a one-child policy and lots of humanitarian genocides small and large can get those numbers down though.

Let's get some abortion clinics clicking in the Middle East, get the government in their families. Then, we wouldn't have to kill so many with conventional war.

Humans are bad, just ask the Homer global warming task force people. Go on, you're just a cup of coffee away from being educated. Obama supporters are not clumsy like Bush; they can support a full spectrum reduction on the population policy and consider it missionary work. It's war, it's missionary work, it's both.

War is hell on any scale. Human life must be linked with the divine if we are to survive.

Peter Nagle