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Story last updated at 7:46 PM on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HEA voters have choice

I just received my HEA ballot in the mail. In District 3 we have two options and Malcolm Gaylord is my choice.

Since the HEA board almost bought into the ill fated dirty coal plant in Healy, I have been paying more attention to what these elected citizens decide at the HEA meetings. The only power we have as members of HEA, is the right to vote for our board members. The decisions the board makes affect us more than we realize: the prize we pay for electricity, dependency on fossil fuels, how power generation affects our air and water and so on.

I have worked with Malcolm on many challenging projects over the last eight years. He is an electronic engineer with an incredibly broad knowledge. He'll research any topic he's not totally familiar with.

And he doesn't have an ego or an agenda that gets in the way of coming to the right conclusions.

We need people like Malcolm who will represent the rate payers, and he won't let politics dictate his decisions.

Konrad Schaad