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Story last updated at 7:47 PM on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Better options than natural gas

In his latest letter to the editor Mr. Weber stated that alternatives to a clean, low cost, natural gas pipeline are 10-15 years out. Again, I disagree.

HEA has announced its partnership for tidal power with a potential for the pilot project to go online as early as 2013. The construction time for a wind farm that could handle a large amount of our power needs can actually take less than a year. Solar storage has had a break through that allows for much longer term, and less expensive, storage. In addition, solar panels are moving quickly to commodity pricing. If made a priority, the potential to come online with an array of solutions could be 1-5 years.

The oil and gas industry has shown itself to be destructive, deceptive and distrustful in about every area of its business. It is time that we no longer support projects that prolong this industry's life. Human ingenuity has shown throughout history that when old ways fail, new ways fill the void effectively and far more quickly than the experts trumpeted they would. History has also shown that, in order to hold on, the old way spreads fear, uncertainty and doubt about the new way, even when the old industry is the only beneficiary.

When heroin addicts are given a clean, low-cost alternative, such as methadone, they stop looking for their next fix. When there is no choice given, addicts go through withdrawal and must find their way to a healthier alternative. This quick fix to tide us over while we find our way, coupled with the very real potential of the energy industry destroying our environment and squeezing every last drop of profit out of us, and the ground, will be far more punishing than short term withdrawal pains.

Kevin Kreitz