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Story last updated at 5:22 PM on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beluga Lake Divas win championship

By Ingrid Harrald


Photo provided

The Beluga Lake Lodge Divas brought home the championship trophy from the Fools on Ice tourney. The team consists of back row, from left: Kris Holderied, Kristen Brown, Emily Hutchison, Andrea Stineff, Deb Moseley, Jessi Dullinger, Shelly Laukitis and Coach Buck Laukitis; and front row from left, Amy Holeman, Anna Dickerson, Jessie Cashman, Michelle Hatton, Karen Weston, Leslie Slater and Kayla Creamer.

The Homer Women's Hockey League took three teams to Anchorage for the end-of-season "Fools on Ice" Tournament during the April Fool's weekend.

The Beluga Lake Divas took home the championship win in the intermediate division, while the Salty Dawg Divas took second in novice division. The Homer's Jeans Divas took fourth place in the novice division.

Karen Noyes was the captain of the Homer's Jeans Divas and led the team to a 1-3 record. High scorers for the team were Sarah Owens, Karyn Noyes, Suz Parrish and Jen Nevak. Player Saundra Hudson won "Best Defensive Play of the Year" with her head-first dive into the net to block a shot.

The Salty Dawg Divas ended regulation play with a 2-1-1 record and a ticket to the championship game. The MVP of tournament was Ori Badajos having more than eight goals in the net. In the final championship, the Salty Dawg divas faced off the three-time champions Hockey Ho's. Goalie Lydia Brown was able to stop more than 30 shots, but let four in. Homer's only goal was by Badajos with an assist by Sue Rennolds ending the game 4-1.

The Beluga Lake Lodge Divas went undefeated in all round robin games, winning their first game 10-0. Goalie Michelle Hatton had three shut-outs. "This is some of the best women's hockey I've seen," said Coach Buck Laukitis.

The team faced Fairbanks' Wild Alaska in the championship game. It took a few minutes for the Beluga Lake Lodge Divas to get into the game and the first period ended 0-0 after a battle of the goalies. It took a top-shelf shot from Kayla Creamer in the first minutes of the second period to change the direction of the game, adding to the Divas' winning streak.

Additional goals were scored by Kristen Brown, Andrea Stineff, Jessi Dullenger, and Anna Dickerson. Creamer ended the game with a hat trick, her second hat trick of the tournament and the day. Dozens of fans threw their hats on the ice to celebrate.

Goalie Hatton blocked more than 25 shots to bring the final score to 7-2. This was the Beluga Lake Lodge Divas' first "Fools on Ice" championship win. Kayla Creamer received the MVP award.

Champagne and laughter flowed in the locker room and, as always, the Divas won the party.