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Story last updated at 4:53 PM on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Keeping ski passion alive

I wanted to say thank you for the recognition I received from the Kachemak Ski Club at HEA Day March 24 at the Homer Rope Tow. I am sorry I wasnt able to be there in person to receive the award, but was truly honored. My skiing days are over but I still think about skiing every time it snows.

My involvement in the Kachemak Ski Club began because of my love for skiing which started in Connecticut in the early 1930s and continued when I moved here in 1947. In the 50s, 60s and 70s many people worked to keep the Ski Club alive and functioning, just as every member does in 2012.

The rope tow has moved multiple times over the years from over near KGTL to a hill between this location and Skyline Drive to here. The motors have been car engines and truck engines using gas to the present electric motor. Through all those years the biggest and most consistent supporter has been Homer Electric Association and the people who have worked there.

While I was very involved years ago and appreciate this recognition, the ongoing operation of the tow is the result of the involvement and work of every ski club member that goes up to shovel snow, fix a pulley or any other of the endless jobs that keep the tow running. Thanks to all of you for keeping my passion for skiing alive and providing this opportunity for everyone in the Homer area.

Bob Moss Sr.