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Story last updated at 4:49 PM on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hate speech not same as free speech

Heres a follow-up to the multiple public requests made to Dave Becker to replace The Rush Limbaugh Show, and his response last week in the form of a Point of View. I feel that Mr. Beckers argument that the left does it too illustrates that he has completely missed the point. Im sorry about that. I wish Mr. Becker would listen closely to what the people of his community are saying to him instead of clamping down and refusing to even open his ears for one minute.

I am asking Mr. Becker to consider moving beyond that awful feeling of being attacked. This is not a left vs. right issue at all. There is no conspiracy. There is no one wanting to hurt the Beckers or their business and cause them to lose revenue. We all value free speech. Its hate speech from the right or the left or the middle that is the growing problem in our national debate.

Mr. Becker, please carefully re-read the half-page ad addressed to you in last weeks issue. Take another look at what people wrote on those petitions. No one is attacking you. You are being asked to do something in the name of decency. Please take a moment to really listen.

Lora Wilke