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Story last updated at 4:51 PM on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alaska kids need breakfast boost

Twenty-two thousand, two hundred and fifty-three Alaska children are without breakfast each year. By providing breakfast, Senate Bill 3 Funding For School Lunches will boost test scores which would increase school funding under the No Child Left Behind Act. It also would allow for more locally grown food to be brought into the lunchroom. Funding for School Lunches is an economic and educational benefit to communities around Alaska.

This bill is stalled in the House Finance Committee because co-chair Rep. Bill Stoltz has yet to schedule the bill for a hearing. Under the current political climate, it appears this bill will not move forward. I strongly urge my fellow Alaskans, especially those in Rep. Stoltzs district, to contact their legislators in support of SB3: Funding for School Lunches.

Providing Alaska school districts 35 cents for lunch and 15 cents for school breakfasts will allow for Alaska children to get a nutritious start to their day; giving them their best chance at learning and life.

Adi Davis (16 years old)


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