Web posted Thursday, April 4, 2002

Investing in society Dear Editor,

A heartwarming thanks to all who attended a recent Friday's video and discussion night on corporate globalization, sponsored by Kindness without Borders. I appreciated the chance to hear from so many thoughtful and caring people, and to find more resources for accurate information. There is a lot going on that does make a difference. Everyone is welcome to our next forum on Friday, May 3. If you have been muddling through the complexities of the World Trade Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, NAFTA and more, please do join us. Meanwhile, if you would like to see our Alaska Permanent Fund corporation divest itself of its $87 million in Phillip Morris tobacco company stock, as well as its millions in sweatshops, sign our petition available in many local businesses. As Alaskans, we have the power of $26 billion in investments to ensure that they work for high-performing, responsible companies. Other states have divested themselves of companies that produce tobacco and maintain harmful human rights practices; we can do this and more.

Sharon Whytal and PeggyEllen Kleinleder, Alaskans for Socially Responsible Investing