Web posted Thursday, April 4, 2002

Breakfast show valued

Dear Editor,

Guess what? KBBI Members didn't want to lose "Breakfast Special." Surprise, surprise! Last week, the station mailed out membership survey results that show that the survey respondents, by a ratio of over two to one, said that dropping Breakfast Special would cause the station to "decrease or lose nearly all value to me."

I hope the members take a hard look at those numbers and ask the staff why they chose (with unanimous backing of the board of directors, according to a letter to the editor from president Ken Landfield) to drop a program that the members clearly said they wanted to retain. And a follow-up question would be, "Why did you bother to spend membership money to do a survey?" And while you're on the phone, you might want to ask them to give the community back the treasured local voices and their eclectic music now missing from the morning airwaves.

Randi Somers

<> Editor's note: In response to this question, the KBBI survey recorded 26 respondents who said the change would increase the station's value, 27 no effect, 50 decreased value and nine that it would lose nearly all value.