Web posted Thursday, April 4, 2002

Wowee! What swimming

Dear Editor,

I would like to say wowee! <> and a huge congratulations to the Novice 1 swimmers of the Kachemak Swim Club for their recent success in the March 9 meet here in Homer. I had challenged these swimmers, some of who had not competed in an actual meet yet, to swim the 200-yard freestyle. They were nervous and apprehensive to swim this event, but still managed to blow me away by their results. They had been testing themselves in practice for about a month prior to the meet to swim this event, and when it came time to swim, they focused on beating their best times from practice. Each of them did beat their times, some by 30 seconds and one little 8-year-old girl by almost an entire minute!

I think that by accomplishing this race, they not only gained self-confidence in themselves, but the knowledge that they can achieve their goals. Some of the swimmers dropped times in all the events they swam and I am confident that they will continue to improve, as they now know that they can.

Congratulations to Sara Bitterman, Iris Fletcher, Maggie McCarron, Olivia Wilhelmy, Chelsea Davis, Kate Spence, Caitlin Patrick, Janyce Wise and Alicia Hall. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Mo Wilkinson, KSC Novice 1 Swim Coach