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Story last updated at 8:06 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kevin Rowe: Involved, focused athletic

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By Lindsay Johnson
Staff Writer


Kevin Rowe

Homer High School senior Kevin Rowe would do it all if he could. Time is the limiting factor for the multi-sport athlete, who also is committed to his work in school and in the community.

What sports do you do?

I ski, I did cross country run sophomore and junior year but I was injured. Now I'm back in the baseball swing. If I could, I'd play basketball, I'd ski, I'd run and I'd play baseball and soccer. But you know, there's not enough time.

So, baseball or skiing?

I love baseball and I love skiing. I started varsity (baseball) freshman year and I love the sport. I want to play in college, but more likely than not I'll probably end up going to UAF and I don't know whether I'll ski there or not. But I would love to play more baseball.

You're a pitcher, do you play other positions?

I do a lot of pitching, I play first base and I play in the outfield. I can't play the other infield positions 'cause I'm a lefty. There's only a few left-handed pitchers in the state.

How long have you been playing?

I was playing baseball pretty much as soon as I could throw a ball. I remember playing in the yard when I was really, really, really little ... I remember so much baseball. Every summer, that was what I did, I played baseball.

Are you into other elements of baseball, do you like watching it on TV, do you read about it?

I read about it a lot. I follow scores, kind of. The World Series is about the only stuff I watch 'cause I don't have cable or anything. I get bored with the game about seven innings through if I'm not playing. High school game though, oh man, I get intense.

It seems like you process the game in your head quite a bit.

The more you think about it, the more you visualize what you have to do, the better you actually do. And you have to stay positive about it. I mean, you can't let a negative thought into your head.

Is that the same as in skiing?

In skiing you can make your mind go blank and you'll do fine. Baseball you can't 'cause when your mind goes blank you lose concentration. In baseball you throw that much out of the strike zone it's still a ball. You have to be so focused.

Do you feel that focus or that mental process transfers into other areas of your life?

I'm more focused in baseball than I am in any other area of my life. But it helps me out in school. Being able to buckle down and focus, I mean, there are times when I don't want to, but knowing how to do it helps me out a lot.

Do you like school?

I like school, but I'm very, very poor in a couple subjects. Some things come easy. Like sports come easy to me. School doesn't. I like to be here, I like the atmosphere of being in school, being around my friends, but I have to put so much effort out. That's going to be interesting when I go to college, if I can maintain that level of commitment.

What draws you to UAF?

I have family there, I know a lot of people that go there. I want to go into natural resource management, and that's one of the best programs in the nation.

What makes you want to go into natural resource management?

I'm the Alaska state president of the Future Farmers of America Association and I had no idea before what I wanted to do. But I realized that, like, I'm no greenie, but I realized that we're going to have to change some things or sooner or later earth is going to be impossible to inhabit. That program will help me. I want to study the effects of like, ANWR, to use an example. I want to study the effects that drilling would actually have on the environment: what are the positives, what are the negatives, what can we do about it? So that's kind of the main point for going into that field.

What do you like to do besides sports?

Well, sports and FFA take up 95 percent of my time. I'll admit, I love to play video games; I'm bad at it, yeah, but it's fun. I like to hang out with my friends. Try to stay out of trouble.

What others say:

Asa Stage, teammate: Ya, he's cool. We're friends. I used to play against him and then our last year of little league we were on the same team. I thought it was fun to play against him. We're going to both be playing pitcher and first base. He's left handed ... which makes playing first base easier for him. It messes with the batter a little bit.

Larry Kuhns, coach: Kevin was an incoming freshman when I left, so I just got to know him this fall. He's extremely pleasant, dedicated to his family and his church. Just a great all-around athlete. He's intelligent when he pitches. He's not an overpowering type of fastball though he can certainly sneak it by anyone he wants to. I'd classify him as crafty, I guess.

Linda Rowe, mom: In general he just likes to be involved. He's a student council rep for his class. He's usually busy doing stuff and he likes to be humorous. He's tried out many different sports and been active in them. He's been involved in the community in general, just helping out in different things. For his 30 hours he chose to help little league.

This summer he was gone a lot to different conventions, leadership conferences. When you're involved in all that stuff there's just so much to keep up on all the time.

Baseball is one sport he's always liked to do. Even when he was younger, he spent a lot of time pitching, doing all kinds of various positions. They have to do a senior project.