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Story last updated at 8:06 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anchorage team wins men's tournament; Homer has fun

By Lindsay Johnson
Staff Writer

Homer hockey added to its reputation as a force for good times and good games with the third annual Ash Cup men's tournament last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. About 50 tier 1 and tier 1 ½ players from Anchorage and Kenai representing three different teams joined Homer's squad, split into another thee teams, at the Kevin Bell Arena for three days of puck-smacking, speed-skating action.

In the first game on Friday night, Duggan's of Homer beat Kenai's KPO 9-5, Homer's Down East beat the Northwest Flyers of Anchorage 4-3 and Anchorage's Brew Crew took Homer's Wells Fargo 4-0.

The teams were back at it a few hours later on Saturday morning. Duggan's claimed another victory, beating the Northwest Flyers 7-5. Down East fell 4-3 to the Brew Crew. Wells Fargo beat KPO 9-6.

After a barbecue break, the Brew Crew snuck by Duggans 3-1; Down East beat KPO 8-4; and the Northwest Flyers beat Wells Fargo 7-4.

All teams were required to participate in Saturday evening's skills competition, which organizer Travis Larson said renewed enthusiasm for an event often left in youth hockey.

"They usually could care less about skills competitions, but we made it interesting enough and fun enough that it was really well received with all the teams," he said.

The skills tested were fast skating forwards and backwards, accuracy passing, accuracy shooting, beer chug and hardest shot. An extra-credit karaoke contest was set up by Dax Alaska and judged by the Divas.

In the first crossover game on Sunday, Northwest Flyers beat Down East 4-1. The Brew Crew beat Duggan's again, 6-3, in the second crossover game. KPO edged out Wells Fargo in the consolation game with a 10-9 win for fifth place. The Brew Crew dominated the Northwest Flyers 11-2 for the Ash Cup championship.

John Butcher, who played on team Duggan's, said the weekend was a good chance for the other teams to see what the competition is like down here.

"I think this was the best one yet because of the fun events. We try to make it funner every year," he said.

in the words of rink manager Domenic Cordle, "It was pure awesome pandemonium."

Ash Cup scores

Duggans (Homer) 9, KPO (Kenai) 5

Down East (Homer) 4, Northwest Flyers (Anchorage) 3

Wells Fargo (Homer) 0, Brew Crew (Anchorage) 4

Duggans 7, Northwest 5

Brew Crew 4, Down East 3

Wells Fargo 9, KPO 6

Brew Crew 3, Duggans 1

Semifinal 1: Brew Crew 6, Duggans 3

Semifinal 2: Northwest 4, Down East 1

Consolation: KPO 10, Wells Fargo 9

Championship: Brew Crew 11, Northwest 2