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Story last updated at 8:06 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Discovery Channel to air new Homer reality show

The Discovery Channel this week announced a new cable-television reality show set in Homer. "Mountain Men of Alaska" follows the Kilcher family at their East End Road homestead. Featuring Atz Kilcher, father of the singer Jewel, the series also includes other Homer area homesteaders, including Bill Kitzmiller, also known as "Brother Roadkill" in the series, for his harvesting of dead animals lying on the side of the road.

"These men and women of the wild live off the land, spending their summers gardening, hunting and fishing for food to get them through the harsh Alaska winters," Discovery Channel said in a press release. "Most live completely off the grid, with no running water and no electricity — and are proud of it."

Discovery Channel also announced another show set in rural America, "Moonshiners," about Appalachian people who are still making moonshine.

No air dates have been set for "Mountain Men of Alaska" and "Moonshiners."


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