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Story last updated at 7:46 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'Rent' presents eternal truths

It was an honor to be asked to play in the band for last weekend's performances of "Rent." I want to personally thank again director Mark Robinson for his boundless patience, pianist JulieAnn Smith for sharing so much of herself with our community, and Jim Buncak and Justice Sky for making music so ably.

I also want to thank Homer High School Principal Dr. Allan Gee for taking a genuine risk and lending his vital support to the efforts of the amazing cast and crew as they labored to present the eternal truths central to the troubling story in "Rent" that even when facing the overwhelming challenges of poverty, addiction and disease, our species is capable of an abundance of hope, tolerance and love.

I know this was the most stirring high school production I've ever witnessed. I was privileged to be part of its evolution and superbly positioned to observe it up close. There were times I could do little but avert my eyes from the stage lest tears obscure my score. Emotions so evoked are testimony to the sincerity of performance emanating from every member of the cast.

To the tech crew, house managers, support volunteers and food producers, mere thanks seem entirely inadequate, but it is what I have. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

Finally, I love my daughter.

Hal Spence