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Story last updated at 7:44 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recent act of war impeachable offense

While I in no way support oppressive dictators, or the curtailment of rights to free speech or dissension against a tyrannical government, our recent act of war in Libya without congressional approval is an impeachable offense. Star Trek's and United Nations Charter stipulate not to interfere with internal affairs of sovereign nations. Two days later we've gone beyond the U.N. determined limitations. Dictator or no, Gaddafi shared the country's oil wealth so as Libyans were, as I understand it, percentage of population wise, overall the most well provided for of all African nations, including South Africa and Egypt and on the whole Gaddafi did a lot of great things for Libya and its peoples. The majority of Libyans support him. Gaddafi passed out to them one million free guns this week in preparation for gorilla war. If each one of these weapons kills just one imperialist, we'd need to start up a mandatory draft. Soon to follow World War III.

Like Iraq, we enter this new war with no end game strategy. Remember, we were supposed to be out of Iraq in two years. Maybe we can make them our friends by dropping some more humanitarian bombs and DU on them or send some drones to wedding parties. If it is for purposes humanitarian or support of people's rights not oil, why have we not been involved militarily with several other countries affairs?

Begich and Murkowski, please have the backbone to introduce impeachment immediately for this unconstitutional act or a precedent will be set to involve us in future wars. Again I'll say, it is not in the interest of Alaska or Alaskans to be in the Middle East, we have our own oil.

Richard Olson