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Story last updated at 7:37 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's talk about halibut

One group of people in Alaska will suffer with a new regulation of one halibut limited by size. How long before we face this same type of regulation in Homer? We continue to support a halibut derby that encourages people to catch the biggest halibut. The charters go out farther and farther to catch the biggest fish. Catching halibut close to home gets harder and harder.

Where are the conversations about how to preserve the halibut in Kachemak Bay? Limiting the number of charters just means the ones who survive will make more trips, not catch less fish. Where are the ideas and regulations to protect the big breeder fish? Could the goal of the halibut derby be more tagged fish or something other than just the biggest? We used to have crab and shrimp right here. Before too long the clams and the halibut will be gone and the only option left will be farmed seafood.

Sharon Minsch


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