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Story last updated at 7:46 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Help food pantry help others

In light of the economic situation here in the U.S.A., I am writing this because I feel it needs to be written. This community is a very generous community, especially when there is a sudden emergency or when the holidays are upon us. I have seen this and have thankfully received some of the generosity. I occasionally go to the food pantry at the Methodist Church on Mondays if I need to, and as usual Diana and her gang of helpers are there, smiles on and busy as bees.

I have noticed that there used to be an abundance of bread products as well as other things there from a local corporation that is a generous, appreciated presence in this community. I choose not to directly mention the name, but the secret of their identity is a "way" I want to keep the corporation "safe"ly anonymous. This particular group of people have been so generous in the past (thank you), and I hope for the sake of the food pantry and those that benefit from the food pantry that this remains so. I hope that what isn't getting donated any more is either selling or benefiting another group of people in need and isn't getting wasted or thrown away. I just wanted to say thank you to this corporation for its generosity, too.

As usual, if people in Homer have an abundance of 16-ounce or smaller plastic cottage-cheese-type containers with lids or 8-ounce whipped topping containers with lids, zip lock bags or plastic grocery bags, and 16-ounce water bottles they don't want, Diana and the gang would definitely put them to use. They are really good about reusing and recycling things there. If they don't get used, they do get recycled for sure. In fact, any and all donations are always welcome and can be brought to the Methodist Church on Mondays.

Gene Gentry