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Story last updated at 7:36 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another side of senior center story

Last week, Homer News readers got to see one side of the story regarding a recent situation at the Homer Senior Center. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the facts of the situation will ever be fully revealed so that we can know the complete story.

The letter writers who wrote about the Senior Center in last week's paper wrote from anger and sadness. I will do the same here. I'm angry and sad that the senior center's board of directors fired their executive director, Sue Samet, last week. I'm angry and disappointed that they waited until the president of the board and another board member were out of town to call a special meeting in order to fire the executive director. I'm sad that the executive director will not be able to continue with her improvements at the senior center.

You see, she wasn't an "outsider" with "zilch" experience. She has worked for 30 years in social services, including 18 years in senior care, mostly in Alaska. She had a vision to bring the senior center into the 21st century and to prepare for the next generation of seniors (the baby boomers) who will be requiring the senior center's services.

The letter writers from last week are afraid of change. I understand that fear, but fear should not have dictated the board of directors as it did last week. The board did a huge injustice to Sue Samet, the executive director. And ultimately, they have caused great harm to the Homer Senior Center's residents, staff and the Homer community at large. I can't imagine that any other experienced administrator would ever consider risking their career by accepting a job under the current board.

Emily Ward