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Story last updated at 7:46 PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alcohol-free events in spotlight

Kudos once again to the Homer Concert Choir for a moving, uplifting message of love in our community with the production of "Rent." At a time when the world is reeling from the devastation of tsunamis, war and more, the production demonstrated hope in the form of our amazing high school student talent and offered drama, song and dance as a way to ponder some difficult issues of our time. The world often forgets to notice how much teens contribute in community, and news often focuses on the negative behaviors that may be the response to grief as they meet these issues. We are so fortunate to see our teens in this and so many other creative endeavors in Homer.

In our community's recent health needs assessment, youth leaders and others spoke of the need to have fun and creative events for youth and for all of us as an alternative to alcohol use. They said they need clear messages from adults about healthy living, and especially about substance abuse. The concert choir is an ongoing example of many such good things already a tradition in our community, thanks to Mark Robinson, Lance Petersen and the Berrymans.

Another collaboration between many organizations in town will kick off on April 1: please join us for "One Love," Fridays in April that showcase fun events in alcohol-free venues, in support of people in recovery, pregnancy or just to generate thoughtfulness for that evening. Holy Santos kicks off this Friday at the Homer Theatre; check out other events on our flyers around town, and come see what we can continue to create together.

Sharon Whytal

Coordinator, Communities Project