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Story last updated at 5:26 PM on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anchorage Comets win championship game during hockey tourney

By Angelina Skowronski
For the Homer News

Ten teams from around the state competed in the Squirt Tier III Hockey State Championships last weekend at Kevin Bell Arena. The Anchorage Comets took home the title beating the Fairbanks Falcons 6-1 in the championship game.

Homer's Glacier Kings finished first in their division, but fell to sickness in the semi-finals against the Anchorage Comets, losing 3-2 with less than a minute in the game.

"Seven kids were sick with temperatures over 100 degrees," said Head Coach Steve Nevak. "They gave it their all."

Coming off an undefeated season, the Glacier Kings took the loss harder than others. Nevak says each player played a great weekend, with goalie Hunter Warren and defender Kaitlin Johnson playing at the top of their game.

Next season all but three Squirts will be moving up the ranks to the Peewee level, along with them coach Nevak and his son Isaiah.

Nevak said, "You live and learn. I've been involved in hockey for over 20 years now and I know these kids are going to use this as a motivation for seasons to come."

Scores & Standings

Kenai Peninsula Ice Hawks (Kpha) Vs Juneau Capitals (Jdia) 1 - 3 Mat-su Eagles (Maha) Vs Eagle River Mustangs (Mha) 0-3

Fairbanks Phantoms (Faha) Vs Anchorage Comets (Aha) 3-3

Palmer Pioneers (Paha) Vs South Anchorage Mighty Moose (Samm) 8-1

Homer Glacier Kings (Hha) Vs Kenai Peninsula Ice Hawks (Kpha) 3-1

Juneau Capitals (Jdia) Vs Mat-su Eagles (Maha) 0-2

Homer Glacier Kings (Hha) Vs Eagle River Mustangs (Mha) 2-2

Kenai Peninsula Ice Hawks (Kpha) Vs Mat-su Eagles (Maha) 1-4

Juneau Capitals (Jdia) Vs Eagle River Mustangs (Mha) 3-7

Fairbanks Phantoms (Faha) Vs Palmer Pioneers (Paha) 8-3

Anchorage Comets (Aha) Vs South Anchorage Mighty Moose (Samm) 7-1

Homer Glacier Kings (Hha) Vs Mat-su Eagles (Maha) 6-2

Eagle River Mustangs (Mha) Vs Kenai Peninsula Ice Hawks (Kpha) 3-1

South Anchorage Mighty Moose (Samm) Vs Fairbanks Phantoms (Faha) 0-8

Palmer Pioneers (Paha) Vs Anchorage Comets (Aha) 1-6

Homer Glacier Kings (Hha) Vs Juneau Capitals (Jdia) 5-0

Division I Standings 1st - Homer Glacier Kings (Hha) 2nd - Eagle River Mustangs (Mha) 3rd - Mat-su Eagles (Maha) 4th - Juneau Capitals 5th - Kenai Peninsula Ice Hawks (Kpha)

Division Ii Standings 1st - Fairbanks Phantoms (Faha) 2nd - Anchorage Comets (Aha) 3rd - Palmer Pioneers (Paha) 4th - South Anchorage Mighty Moose (Samm)

Semifinals Homer Glacier Kings (HHA) vs Anchorage Comets (AHA) 2-3 Fairbanks Phantoms (FAHA) vs Eagle River Mustangs (MHA) 4-3

Championship Game Anchorage Comets (AHA) vs Fairbanks Phantoms (FAHA) 6-1