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Story last updated at 4:15 PM on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Council accepts Hogan's resignation; deadline to apply for seat April 3

By Michael Armstrong
Staff Writer

What do you do if a Homer City Council member resigns but his former colleagues refuse to accept his resignation? That almost happened Tuesday night when the council initially voted 2-3 against accepting former council member Kevin Hogan's resignation. Hogan resigned at the March 12 meeting, saying he planned to sue the city and thus couldn't sit on the council.

In a vote on a resolution to accept Hogan's resignation, council member David Lewis asked for a roll-call vote. He then voted no, followed by council member Bryan Zak. Although the yes votes were in the majority, there was not the minimum number of four votes needed to pass.

Appearing stunned, Mayor James Hornaday asked City Clerk Jo Johnson what that meant. Johnson said the seat would remain empty until the next election in October.

"I don't understand what you did, but you just did it," Hornaday said.

Lewis quickly called for reconsideration. The resolution, with an amendment calling for the seat to be filled at the next meeting, then passed without objection.

When asked later why he voted against accepting Hogan's resignation, Lewis said, "I didn't want him to pull a Sarah Palin," referring to former Gov. Palin's resignation halfway through her first term. Lewis said he didn't expect Zak to vote with him.

The council set a tight deadline for applicants to Hogan's seat. The deadline to apply is April 3, next Tuesday. Applicants will have 5-minute interviews at the committee of the whole meeting at 5 p.m. April 9, with a vote to be held at the regular meeting. Applicants must be city residents at least 18 years old. Anyone interested in applying should contact the city clerk at 235-3130.

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