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Story last updated at 3:45 PM on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project GRAD says thanks

During its eight years of service, Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula has been a major catalyst for improvement in seven rural, underserved Kenai Peninsula schools.

PGKPs collaboration with the school district and school communities has produced unquestionable progress in student achievement, self esteem and graduation rates. Equally important are collaborations with corporations like American Seafoods Company which support nonprofit organizations in Alaska, with emphasis on rural areas throughout the state. PGKP thanks American Seafoods Company for its steadfast support of enhancing learning environments and helping students and their families understand that college is attainable. American Seafoods Company is a valuable partner to Project GRAD, helping empower Kenai Peninsula youth on their journey to lifelong success and the success of our Kenai Peninsula communities. Thank you.

Mike Petersen, executive director

Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula


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