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Story last updated at 3:44 PM on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Concern for victims of assault, abuse

Do women and men know what they need to do if they become victims of assault and abuse? Is your Alaska local government helpful, or does it promote abuse because it lacks the resources or training in situations of responding to abuse situations? I ask this question because I am very concerned with the response a woman was given just recently in Seldovia, by a city council member. The advice to this woman who was assaulted, was to Get over it.

How convenient it would be if all of us women and men who are attacked, assaulted, abused would just get over it. I suppose you could say that for victims of rape, robbery, etc. Would that be the city of Seldovia response also?

Come on, when are Alaska communities going to wake up and realize they have a serious problem with the lack of concern from local governments and Alaska State Troopers who just dont think women being assaulted is a problem. Does anyone in Alaska care about this? From what I have seen, I would say no.

Women, you are on your own. What is your plan for when this happens to you?

Patricia Bergemann