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Story last updated at 8:46 PM on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photographs can lie

I went to the New England School of Photography in Boston, Mass. I learned how to print and take photos. I learned how a photo can hide a lie or create a truth, just by moving the lens one way or the other. It is as simple as that. The caption, too, can be a lie or a truth, only the photographer knows.

The name "Pebble" is a misnomer for us residents. The truth is a gigantic hole will exist with ship loads of chemicals, docks, dams and enough electricity used equal to what Anchorage uses daily.

The digging machine shown on TV ads shows a machine a nursery would use to dig a hole for a shrub or bush. A photo of truth would show the world's largest digging machines 80 feet talk and dump trucks with 10-foot tires and a huge cloud of dust.

The state of Alaska should buy off Pebble enterprises and kick them out now, but, if approved, Pebble should only be allowed to use that tiny digging machine that they themselves presented to us as a truth for all their digging. It is false advertising or an outright lie or that tiny digger is actually what they only intend on using. Only Pebble knows the truth, not us.

Gary Normandin