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Story last updated at 8:47 PM on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Instead of relying on natural gas, Alaskans need to look at alternatives

I am sure Dave Weber's intentions are honorable in his ongoing promotion of the gas line, I simply beg to differ. In his most recent letter to the editor: "Americans live in a country with a government system of elected representatives that are sworn to ensure the needs and wants of the people are met ..."

True, maybe 50 years ago; however, today our federal government has evolved to doing the business of business and, in many instances, does not vote as its constituents request. Numerous state and local Governments are not too far behind in this trend.

And: "... if you also want to get away from the instability of our rising home fuel costs ... a natural gas line ... is essential ..."

This statement is a gamble on so many levels.

First, it is a gamble in trusting that a large energy company with a questionable track record (Enstar) be given a monopoly position to stabilize our fuel costs.

Second, it is a gamble in trusting an industry that has shown its disdain for regulation with current operations being extremely nonenvironmental. Look at its most promising extraction process, fracking (hydraulic fracturing), which also promises to destroy precious ground water used for drinking.

Are we to gamble again only to be repaid with another disaster on the scale of BP's Gulf debacle, Japan's nuclear meltdown and the Barnett Shale explosion as signs of what's to come, or are we going to look at alternatives now?

Iceland is studying selling its geothermal energy through a sub-sea electric cable line to Europe. Wind, water and solar solutions abound with biomass projects on the rise. We have all of these natural, renewable resources in our back yard. The longer we focus on the old, and failing, the deeper the hole we are digging for ourselves and our children.

Kevin Kreitz