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Story last updated at 8:38 PM on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gay Pendleton deserves apology

I have been volunteering at the Friendship Center for several years. I have truly enjoyed the adults that are dropped off daily and the residents of Terrace that join us. It has been a wonderful experience and I have been able to know the other talented volunteers. We have been recruited by Gay Pendleton over the years. Gay and her team love these people. They are welcomed on arrival in the mornings and entertained, fed lunch and snacks, and they enjoy their time spent at the Friendship Center.

Gay gives more than 100 percent every day she is there. I have never seen any contention or animosity with her team nor felt uncomfortable spending my time there. She has given 18 years of her life for these adult elderly. Recently she was taken to task and accused of not being able to run the Friendship Center well and efficiently. That is a bunch of b---.

This literally tore out Gay's heart. The affront continued until she couldn't take it anymore. Gay walked out and Pat Doyle joined her. You also lost a great coworker, Pat Doyle, who is loved by the adults and has been there many years, too.

The heart and soul of the Friendship Center is no longer employed. The repercussions are going to be terrific. You have lost Gay's parade float and having folks dropping by afterward, Gay's annual Talent Show, the support of the Lions Club, the volunteers Gay has enlisted who feel as I do, and there will be many unhappy families that drop off their elderly to be cared for each day. You mark my words, it will take years to rebuild what you destroyed in a few minutes. You have done all the members of the Homer Senior Citizens Center an injustice. This action is an irreversible mistake and you have lost big time. This means we as senior citizen members have been done an injustice as well.

This is truly a character assassination that needs to be and must be apologized for publicly. Gay has 18 years experience at her work; the executive director our board of directors hired from Outside has zilch. As not only a longtime friend but as a past volunteer, I am asking the board of directors to rethink employing this efficient business worker who isn't a people person but looks at each area of the senior center with a cost-cutting eye.

This attack on Gay Pendleton should never have happened. It is my fervent prayer that the senior citizens board of directors will stand on their own two feet and right the wrong of not speaking up for Gay while her very soul and character were attacked. As a longtime member of the senior center, I ask, no I demand that this individual be dismissed immediately and that Gay Pendleton receive a public apology. The Friendship Center is not the only area of concern. There are other friends and volunteers in many areas being silently attacked, too. You have a problem, directors. We are depending on you to take the bull by the horns.

Gloria Corey