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Story last updated at 8:38 PM on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A sad day for Homer seniors

I am in shock that the board of directors at Homer Senior Citizens would let Gay Pendleton and Pat Doyle resign from their positions at the Friendship Center. This is a sad day for the seniors who have benefited from the delightful and enthusiastic way that these two women have taken care of our elderly.

My parents are elderly (Dad has Alzheimer's and my mom has cancer) and are at the Friendship Center all the time for the programs and fun times that are offered there. They offer a variety of fun activities crafts, arts, sing-a-longs, exercising, bingo on Fridays and a wonderful lunch for the seniors. When the seniors sing, it's such a fun time, and I have watched Gay and Pat get up and dance with these elderly people. My father, Hank, loves to dance with these ladies. Everyone laughs and has a good time because Gay and Pat go over and beyond the job description that they are required to do.

These ladies don't deserve to be cast aside because someone comes into our community and wants to change things up. As far as I'm concerned, Gay and Pat deserve public recognition from both Homer Senior Citizens and the community for all the years they have contributed their time and efforts to our seniors.

Thanks, Gay and Pat, for all that you've done for my elderly parents. My family would like to give you a big hug and a "thank you."

Kathy L. Johnson