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Story last updated at 4:21 PM on Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Words and science do mix well

On behalf of the Kachemak Bay Research Reserves Coastal Training Program and the Kachemak Bay Science Conference planning team, we send our sincere thanks to the Homer Foundations KLEPS fund for their support of the March 8 Nancy Baron Communication Workshop: Making Your Science Matter.

With the Homer Foundations support, we were able to bring an internationally renowned communication trainer to Homer and offer this empowering workshop to a diverse range of community participants. This workshop provided skills to identify and communicate the relevancy of any topic to a larger audience. It commenced the beginning of the Kachemak Bay Science Conference, setting the stage for presenters to deliver engaging and clear messages about area research efforts and results to the community attendees. The contribution of four participating media panelists Hal Spence (freelance), Lori Evans (Homer News), Naomi Klouda (Homer Tribune) and Ken Weiss (LA Times) significantly contributed to the participants understanding of the world in which journalists operate and how to reach out to media outlets to better communicate scientific results with a larger audience.

Information from the conference can be accessed at www.kbayscience.org, including an overview of area research efforts. Thanks again to the Homer Foundation KLEPS fund for supporting our efforts to effectively communicate the knowledge we have about this dynamic ecosystem in which we live.

Megan Murphy

KBRRs Coastal Training Program Coordinator