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Story last updated at 4:19 PM on Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For kids sakes, keep waters clean

I am 15 years old and want to keep the waters in and around Alaska clean for my generation. I do not want salmon to die from poisoned waters. Please join me in asking Gov. Sean Parnell to not trade clean water for anything, not coal, not gold, not natural gas. Our rivers are filled with healthy salmon. Lets keep our salmon streams safe for generations to come. Salmon will always benefit Alaskans more than a few decades of profits for companies outside Alaska.

On March 2 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded PacRims plans to re-create a wild salmon stream are scientifically impossible. I have found out that of 38,000 reclamation and restoration projects worldwide, there is not even one successful salmon habitat restored after large-scale disruptions. I am asking the governor, Could you require PacRim to prove they can clean up their mining mess somewhere else before they make one in Alaskas Chuitna River? Lets ask Gov. Parnell for clean water for Alaskans first and forever.

Thanks for protecting Alaskan waters,

McKenzy Haber