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Story last updated at 4:22 PM on Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quality health care found in Homer

I want to applaud the medical staff and the new orthropedic surgeon at the South Peninsula Hospital here in Homer. I had back surgery back in January of this year. The surgery was successful and I am nearing the end of my recovery. How awesome to have quality health care here in our community. The new renovations and additions to the hospital were as good as anywhere. The nursing staff was great.

Last summer I was treated by a spine specialist in Anchorage and had two cortisone shots ($8,000 each). After the second shot, the doctor informed me I had a bad back and would have to live with it the rest of my life. I was inoperable. Quite not what one wants to hear. And so I thought a second opinion was needed. After learning of our new addition to the medical staff here, I went in for a second opinion. Surgery was very much possible, and after recovery, I should resume a normal life. And here I am pain free, and nearly fully recovered. I am grateful to God and the medical staff here for the excellent care I received. Again, I applaud you all. Thank you.

Alfred Huff