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Story last updated at 9:53 PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let officials know gas line wanted

We Americans live in a country with a governmental system of elected representatives that are sworn to ensure the needs and wants of the people are met, yet maintain our individual freedoms. Many places in the world do not have such a system in place and have to resort to violence as we did 228 years ago, forming our great nation.

It is our duty as citizens to let our national leaders, the president, senators and congressmen know what direction we want our country to go on important issues like the deficit, states' rights and solving the recent gasoline crisis.

If you also want to get away from the instability of our rising home fuel heating costs, please write our governor and state representatives and let them know that the low pressure natural gas line from Anchor Point to Homer is essential for Homer and Kachemak City residents and businesses to have low cost, clean, dependable heating fuel not tied to foreign oil.

Dave Weber


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