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Story last updated at 9:52 PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cosmic events worth pondering

Eat some kelp. It's supposed to be good once a week for thyroid/iodine protection from nuke radiation. My Geiger counter is beeping faster than normal, but maybe the recent very large (X-rated) major solar events or the coronal mass ejection that just hit us has something to do with increased readings. You might be able to get potassium iodideat some pharmacy.

More down wind from Japan isOregon, Utah, Canada to California by trade winds/jet stream this time of year. There was a meltdown and cover-up, assume it. Unfortunately, the forecast has Japan's winds making a detour up to us for a day or two, arriving about the time this paper comes out. But one can never for certain know which way the wind may blow.

Another funny thing is, I heard, on March 19, the moon will be closer to earth than it has been since 1992. I heard volcanoes are going off in Hawaii and Japan, too. Science prophets predict a heavy solar maximum through this summer, too. Guess I'd better get out my tin foil coat and hat.

Rev. Richard Olson