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Story last updated at 2:13 PM on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sports briefs

Running, walking club to meet

The goal of a loosely organized Running and Walking Club is helping organize and sponsor races throughout the year.

"The problem is that people like to run more than go to meetings," said organizer Andy Haas.

To fix that problem, Alice's Champagne Palace will host the next club meeting on March 30. The club will meet at 5:30 p.m. with a run beforehand.

The Running and Walking Club plans to host fun runs in Homer and across the bay.

"The key here is to find someone with a boat to get across the bay," said Haas. "Once you run across the bay, road running just doesn't cut it anymore."

The club provides a way to get race insurance coverage, said Haas. Cross country coach Bill Steyer found the organization Road Runner of America which insures races for as little as $5 per runner per year.

The club is currently 25 members strong. Membership is $5 for the whole year. For information, e-mail Andy Haas at yatra@ak.net.

Ice racing season warming up

Ice racing is underway in Homer with the fourth race of the season held last Sunday on Beluga Lake. Stock and modified cars competed in three different categories.

Marina Brooks is in first place in pitman stock and powderpuff stock with 165 and 187 points, respectively. Phil Celtic is in second for pitman stock with 145 points. Ryan Catron did not race, but remains in third with 77 points for pitman stock. Faith Schade trails behind Brooks in the powderpuff stock category with 132 points, and Bobbie Ness in third with 98 points.

In the pitman modified category, Dean Ravin led with 154 points followed by Phil Celtic with 152 points, and Mike Brooks with 139 points. Marina Brooks led the pack in the powderpuff modified category with 174 points, Sarah Appelhanz with 148 and Staci Murphy with 90 points.

The kids category made its first seasonal showing last Sunday. Joe Ravin is in first place with 27 points, Hunter of Soldotna in second place with 25 points and Sammie Moonin in third with 12 points.

The top stock car is car No. 5 with 229 points, car No. 51 has 164 points and car No. 23 has 146 points. The top modified car is car No. 10 with 219 points, car No. 32 has 171 points and car No. 4 has 167 points.

Broomball heats up ice

The action was hot and heavy in Homer's March 9 broomball games.

In Game 1, Beluga Lake Bombers defeated Alice's Champagne Palace Scoundrels 6-0. Goals for the Bombers: Bryan Bentz, 2; Andrew Peter, 4. Goalie for the Bombers was Chris Boss; goalie for Alice's was Chris Gordon. In Game 2, Alice's Champagne Palace Scoundrels scored a win over Down East with a score of 3-1. Goals for Alice's: Josiah Campbell, 1; Derek Reynolds, 1; Van Hawkins, 1. Assists for Alice's: Josiah Campbell, 1; Derek Reynolds, 1. Goals for Down East: Brandon Grochow, 1. Goalies: Chris Gorgon for Alice's; Jessica Marks for Down East. In Game 3, the BL Bombers defeated Down East, 4-1. Goals for Bombers: Jason Askins, 2; Brian Bentz, 2. Assists for Bombers: Jason Askins, 1; Sally Askins, 1; Andrew Peter, 1. Goals for Down East: Cody Fonkert, 1. Goaliees: Chris Boss for Bombers; Jessica Marks for Down East.

Riptides win championship

Wrapping up the 2011-2012 city of Homer Community Recreation Basketball season, Riptide defeated the Miners, 58-53, on Feb. 27. Riptide's Nick Finley was named the league's most valuable player. Sportsmanship awards went to Aaron Lang of the Nets, Sean Campbell of K-12, Jonathan Cargill of ABI, Sheldon Beachy of Riptide, Keith Cortez of the Miners and Phil Jones of Smooth Operators.