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Story last updated at 3:01 PM on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Students grateful for art program

My name is Jessica Jones, and on behalf of my peers and myself, I would like to thank the Bunnell Street Arts Center for their local administration of the Artist in the School Program.

Specifically, we spent two weeks with Art Koeninger creating our own handmade jewelry pieces. Art taught us to open our minds and be creative, and experiencing his art class will inspire some of us to take our love for art a step further.

His class also has inspired Flex students to keep working on their pieces here, since he left us materials that will let us continue working. This was a great experience for all students that were involved those two weeks, and we are very much looking forward to other art programs that will be introduced next year.

Homer Flex High School would like to acknowledge the funders of the Bunnell Street Arts Center: Alaska State Council on the Arts, Jewel, Rasmuson Foundation and ConocoPhillips. We would also like to thank our legislators Paul Seaton and Gary Stevens for continually funding the Alaska State Council on the Arts. Thank you very much.

Jessica Jones, student,

on behalf of the Homer Flex students and staff