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Story last updated at 3:04 PM on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Game board puts own interests first

I have taken an extreme interest to how the Board of Game has allowed a hunt to proceed when the public outcry has been against it. I have written letters and sent emails to the Board of Game and the politicians, including the governor and lieutenant governor. The lieutenant governor was the only office to respond and it was a speech writer and all they said was sorry but the governors office wont do anything to stop it, the final decision is the Board of Game.

The deeper I looked into this the more obvious it has become why the Board of Game is doing this. If you take a look at the bios of the board members who live on the Kenai Peninsula they are trappers. Wonder who gets to profit from this? Certainly not the citizens, and least of all the wolves and the moose.

So join me in continuing to write to Gov. Parnell and get the decisions that affect the natural resources, namely the fish and wildlife back in the hands of the citizens of Alaska, not a board whose members have nothing but their financial interests in mind. Hopefully it can happen before it is squandered and plundered like so many places in the lower 48. In the meantime be sure to put hunter orange vests on your dogs, livestock and your kids. Wouldnt want that Super Cub taking a shot at them, too.

Buck Curry