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Story last updated at 3:05 PM on Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Politics requires cooperation

Dont you just adore the eclectic quality of folks here in goofy little Homer? I do. I couldnt help noting what a fine drama the honorable Mr. Hogan produced with his recent quitting. Reminded me a bit of our famous Quitter Sarah.

So thanks for the demonstration of character, and for allowing someone else on board. Someone who will understand that yes, councilman is indeed a political position. You were in fact elected yourself, as I recall. Political, as in give and take, cooperating for the common good and other kindergarten skills like that. Kinda difficult to keep a great deal of respect for you though, when you quit representing us in our local government and instead threaten to haul us off to court and cost us a big bag of money in litigation.

Phil Gordon


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