Story last updated at 9:23 PM on Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Homer's Best Bets

Have you felt like you've been warped back in time, Betsteroids? Did you have a cold flash of fear Monday night when both landline and cell phone service went kaput? Did you ponder how you'd contact important people? Holy Luddite! The Betster contemplated hiring a bicycle messenger or maybe finding a trained poodle to ferry messages across Beluga Lake to key government officials.

  Photo by Kayley Kiefer
Rockin' the night away Two members from guest band UglyFish open the youth rock concert held March 7 at the Homer Theatre. The concert was hosted by Hooray Cartoon Sun. Colin McArthur ran the show and sound systems were built and managed by Grant Wilkins. AK Underground and Casualties to the Cause also played.  
Yeah, but then the Betsteroid ran into Mr. Key Government Official in the line at the post office, and, well, problem solved. Option B was to whisper a rumor to someone pitching halibut at the fish dock and see how long it took for the message to warp itself across town. Fortunately, those crackerjack phone repair people got on the job and spliced, diced and made nice a fiber cable rent asunder. Whew.

That didn't solve the problem of the thief of time, the evil guvmint bureaucrat who hatched up the malign idea of daylight-saving time in Alaska. Is being able to call your mother on the East Coast at a reasonable time worth that lost hour on Sunday morning? Well, of course she's your mother. Other than that, though, why bother? What's another spot on a leopard, or an hour more of daylight when it really doesn't get dark come midsummer?

On the other hand, that late sunset this week has felt like a quad-latte at happy hour. If you've found yourself scrubbing the floors at midnight because you have so much dang energy, get used to it. That's situation normal for summer. Forget about sleep until next Halloween. We're now in the zone of Burn Every Daylight Hour Until We Drop.

Which means you'll have all that much more time to get ready for Spring Break and enjoy some of these Best Bets:

BEST ROCKIN' IN THE SQUARE BET: Along with a new city hall, the Town Square project includes what planners call "Homer's front porch." If you want to figure out how your rockin' chair fits into the project, check out the Town Square workshop and open house from 5:30-8:30 p.m. today at the Cowles Council Chambers, City Hall.

BEST FIGURE EIGHTS BET: Carve up some ice and show your stuff with Homer's own Coal Point Figure Skating Group. It's not all about hockey at the Homer Ice Rink, but grace, style and skill. The group meets 6:30-7:30 p.m. today.

BEST ESPRESSO YOURSELF BET: You'll need a little caffeine to get through Dramaslam! 2008, Homer's 24-hour festival of theater. The event starts at 8 p.m. Friday and ends with a performance at 8 p.m. Saturday. Playwrights, actors, directors and techies are invited to participate.

BEST PFD'S FOR EVERYONE BET: If you haven't applied for your permanent fund dividend yet, get cracking the deadline is March 31. The real PFD you want, though, is that personal floatation device, better than $1,000 in the bank if you're thrown into the water. Learn about boating safety with Boating Safety Day from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday at Mariner Park.

BEST BREAKING UP BET: The streets are clearing, the ice is melting and the rivers are breaking up. That's all the more reason to head over to Alice's Champagne Palace at 8 p.m. Saturday for Spring Break Meltdown: Adults' Night Out to Benefit Kids. There will be food, an auction and costume and limbo contests. Music is by Berkley Davis. The fund-raiser benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Homer. Admission is $20.

Homer's Best Bets