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Story last updated at 9:31 PM on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fallin Crauthers: Spirited leader cheers through it all

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Fallin is a junior at Homer High School who has been cheerleading since third grade. Region III cheer coaches selected her for the All Spirit award last weekend.


Fallin Crauthers

What made you want to be a cheerleader?

My friend's mom was going to coach it and I just moved here and I wanted friends so they're like, "oh do cheerleading." I was like, "I'll try it." Ever since then I've loved it. It was like my sport. It's a calling.

What do you like about it?

I like cheering on a sport and kids I know and getting the crowd excited for what we're doing. It's good, it's uplifting.

Is it hard?

A lot of people are like, "oh, cheerleading, I can do that, it's easy." But it's a lot more than it looks like. You've got to smile and do your right moves on the right time as everyone else. It's all coordination.

How do you train?

I'm a base, so I like lift the girl. So I lift weights and stuff and I run for endurance. For moves and stuff, you just have to practice, practice being sharp and stiff and know the correct ways to do things.

So do you count, like in dance?

Every cheerleader knows how to count to 8. It's one of our jokes.

What about all those cheerleader stereotypes?

For our squad, personally I feel that none of us are the stereotype. There are some girls who play more intense sports than cheerleading, but they come in and are like "this is actually work." None of us are what people think as the "dumb kind," we're all intelligent, we're all really caring, we're not mean to each other. As a squad we're really close. Our thing is like, cheer sisters. Even if you don't really like that person you still have to get along with them for the two hours you're there with them. It's like your sister.

What's the most important quality in a cheerleader?

Just to be outgoing and like, happy. You can mess up, but if you're sitting there cheesy smiling, people don't really notice.

Did you learn anything from the other cheerleaders this weekend?

I feel like our squad is really good at being stiff and working together and I've noticed that a lot of the squads didn't really have that. Colony taught me to have more fun out on the floor, it's not just all work.

How do you like being the coach's daughter?

Sometimes it's hard. But like I have to work just as hard as everyone else, even a little bit more 'cause she knows my potential. But getting the spirit award, knowing that I got it not because my mom's my coach but I actually worked for it was really nice. It's something me and my mom have in common and we can talk about and time spent together.

How long has she been your coach?

She just started coaching at the high school this year, but she was the coach for Pop Warner cheer for fifth through eighth grade. So she's always been my coach. She does a good job, all the girls love her. She knows what we can do and she expects a lot of us. She makes us work for everything, which is nice.

What others say:

Rama Flyum, mom and coach:

She's willing to do anything. She tries to keep everyone motivated.