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Story last updated at 9:21 PM on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Students write

During the month of February, McNeil Student Council sponsored a writing contest. It was designed much the same way as the famous Homer News/Homer Council on the Arts writing contest. Everyone who entered received a prize. We had more than 80 entries from the students. In preparation for judging, I asked several community members if they would be so kind to read the students' entries and choose a first place as well as two honorable mentions.

The student council and I would like to thank Michael Armstrong, McKibben Jackinsky and Katie McNary for being so generous with their time and making wonderful comments on the winning entries. We also would like to thank the Homer Bookstore for donating one of the gift certificates that we gave for the first place winners. We hope to make this a tradition at our school.

The winners are being published in this month's edition of the Dragon's Lair if you want to read the wonderful stories and poems. Thanks again.

Mo Wilkinson and the

McNeil Canyon Student Council