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Story last updated at 9:24 PM on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Grandfather rights' viable solution

I applaud Mr. Lewis for making a move for reconsideration of ordinance 11-03, amending the zoning code's definition of permitted uses of private land, acceptable structures, vehicle and boat storage.

The ordinance evidently does not have a grandfather clause for land in the city or for the annexed land. City Planner Rich Abboud said it only affects a handful of property owners, the rest of us are presently OK.

If I were in town March 14, I would testify particularly on behalf of grandfather rights. It is uniquely Homer to have a variety of living areas in Homer and in annexed Homer. People buying property and moving in have a great selection of the kind of place where they want to live, and hopefully don't buy with the intention of modifying others around them.

I would particularly speak on behalf of the historic "junk yard" that Mr. Kennedy has. Some 20 years ago it was a very organized place on Pioneer where everyone could go to get whatever little gizmo or piece of equipment they needed. When Brother Asaiah donated the land to the city, Mr. Kennedy had to move and fortunately had some land in the sparsely populated Oscar Munson subdivision.

Would the council please consider "grandfather rights"? Mr. Kennedy's eclectic yard could have a historical site designation with its history to interest the visitors and still be a place for locals to find a treasure.

Barb Petersen