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Story last updated at 9:20 PM on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dog unit comes to life

The kindergarten classes at Paul Banks Elementary would like to thank several folks in the community who really helped us bring our dog unit to life.

Musher Jack Berry brought his dogs and sleds to the school and gave an interesting demonstration on the life of an Alaska musher. We got to hold dried salmon, put our hands in his warm and extra large fur mittens, stand on the runners of his sleds, and he even gave each child a dog bootie that has been worn in the Iditarod as a souvenir.

Sherry Bess at the Animal Shelter gave us information on protecting and caring for the pets we already have and some good reasons to adopt a pet from the shelter if we are looking to add to our family. The new puppies at the shelter are absolutely adorable, and we can guarantee you from our experience that they love children!

Finally, many dog agility trainers from Homer Dog Trainers donated their time to show us just how talented dogs really are. We were thrilled to watch dogs from huge to small run through the obstacle course. They gave us a demonstration on how to train dogs, and of course, how to treat them with loving kindness. Pat Moss also came to the school and taught us all about how to be safe around new dogs, and what we should do to protect ourselves from dog bites.

Real world explorations and adventures in interesting and engaging topics bring learning to life. This keeps learning the fun and exciting challenge it is meant to be. Thank you, Homer, for supporting learning at Paul Banks Elementary.

Jennifer Reinhart, Jeri McLean and Seanna Gunn

Kindergarten teachers

Paul Banks Elementary